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Equal words in German and in English

Here you will find a lot of words that are the same similar in German and in English. It might help you learn them.Read More

Noun declension – three-form determiners

Three-form determiners, such as der, die, das; or: dieser, diese, dieses; or: jener, jene, jenes - they have three different forms in the nominative. How to decline them?Read More

Noun declension – two-form determiners: ein and kein

How to decline the two-form determiners ein, eine, ein and kein, keine kein (pl. keine)?Read More

Noun declension – two-form determiners: mein, dein, and so on

How to decline the possessive articles as two-form determiners? mein-meine-mein (pl. meine); dein-deine-dein (pl. deine) and so onRead More

Declension of Proper Nouns

What to do with the German proper nouns? Do we have to decline them? If so, how?Read More

Weak nouns – The N-declension

A special group of German nouns is called weak nouns, e.g. der Junge, -n, der Student, -en, der Polizist, -en. How are they declined? Here we can find it out!Read More

Nouns of irregular declension

Irregular nouns and their declension. E.g.: das Herz, des Herzens; der Name, des Namens; der Friede, des FriedensRead More

Local adverbs

You can find out here how to express certain local adverbs in German, such as being in a certain country or town, going to a certain country or town, to stay somewhere or to go somewhere.Read More

Word Order in a German Sentence 2 – Interrogative Sentences

How to make interrogative sentences in German? How to ask questions? Where does the verb come? "Du bist hier" and "Bist du hier?" or "Wo bist du?"Read More

Question Words in German 1

Wer? Was? Wo? Wie? What are the question words in German? How to use them? Here you will find the simplest question words with their usage.Read More