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At the top of the screen you can choose from several categories. Hopefully everything can be found here that is important for those who want to learn German or brush up their knowledge. This site is for those who want to be sure about the rules of the German language. But do not forget: this is not enough! If you want to speak German, you have to do written and oral exercises, read texts and learn more words, too!

About me:

My name is Tamás (English or German: Thomas) and I am Hungarian. I teach English, German and Italian at language schools. I am a language fan, I also speak some French and a little Spanish, Dutch and deal with Swedish, Portuguese and some other languages as well. My favourite areas are describing languages, history of the languages and comparison of the languages. Neither English nor German is my mother-tongue. It took years to learn these two languages. I think I can introduce the German language to English speakers quite well as I have a “third party view” of both languages.


Important! No message will be read and answered that does not concern the German language. Spam messages, advertising your business – this is not the right place.

If you want to contact me (the author of the posts on this page), regarding the content of the page or anything else in connection with the German language please write to:

german mail


I hope a lot of people will find this page useful.

Have fun here!

Viel Spaß!

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