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Conjugation – der Indikativ – Present tense (das Präsens)

Here you will discover how to conjugate German verbs in the indicative present tense (ich mache, du machst...) Stem changing verbs and exceptions are also waiting for your visit! (Ich fahre, du fährst, er fährt; Ich bin, du bist, er ist...) The usage of the present tense won't hide from you either! Read More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Simple Past (das Präteritum)

What is the German simple past like? Here you can find it out.Read More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Compound Past (das Perfekt)

Here you can know the second past tense of the German language: Ich habe gearbeitet; du hast gemacht Ich bin gekommen; du bist gegangenRead More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Past Perfect (Plusquamperfekt)

Would you like to know what the third past tense of the German language is like? This is the right place for you! Ich hatte gelernt, du hattest gemacht; Ich war gegangen; du warst angekommenRead More

Usage of the three past tenses

Which past tense shall we use? Here is the answer.Read More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Futur

Future - what will happen, what is going to happen. Ich werde lesen. Du wirst schreiben. Er wird bald kommen.Read More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Futur II

Here you can read about the strange Futur II which is not really a future tense. But, what is it then? Something strange: Ich werde gelernt haben. Ich werde morgen die Arbeit beendet haben. Let's just see!Read More

Conjugation – der Imperativ

Imperative: Go. Come (please). Let's go. Geh! Komm! Kommen Sie! Gehen wir! Halt! Lass mich in Ruhe! Lies mal das Buch!Read More

The Participles – Die Partizipien

Partiziples, more exactly: infinite verb forms Past participle (gemacht, gegessen, gewohnt) and present participle (schreibend, schlafend, lachend)Read More