Declension of Proper Nouns

Proper nouns (such as John, Kate, England) do not usually take an article. Thus they are mostly indeclinable:

nominative: Peter ist hier – Peter is here.
accusative: Ich sehe Peter – I can see Peter.
dative: Ich gebe Peter das Buch – I give Peter the book.
genitive: Das Haus von Peter ist sehr schön – Peter’s house is very nice.

As can be seen the declension of the proper nouns can be solved without an article or any ending. However, the genitive can be expressed not only with the preposition von (Eng.: of) but with the -s ending as well:

das Haus von Peter = Peters Haus = das Haus Peters
(Peter’s house)

die Städte von Deutschland = Deutschlands Städte = die Städte Deutschlands
(the towns of Germany or Germany’s towns)

Sometimes the gentivie article can appear, mostly with nouns that basely end in -s:

das Ei des Kolumbus = das Ei von Kolumbus
(the egg of Columbus)

If the proper nouns has an attribute: definite article (des/der) + adjective+en + proper noun:

die Gedichte des jungen Goethe
(the poems of the young Goethe – the young Goethe’s poems)

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