Equal words in German and in English

The written form is the same as in English

Here is a list of words that are written in the very same way both in English and in German. The pronunciation is more or less different, of course. You can find the words here in alphabetic order. The nouns are listed with the definite article and sometimes with the plural form, too.

The list is not full. More words will be added if I find some. If you know more words like this, please tell me.

das Adverb
das Album
der April
der Arm
der Ball
die Bank
die Butter
die Couch
der Diphthong
das Drama
das Element
die Ellipse
(das) England
der Finger
das Glas
das Gold
der Hammer
der Hamster
der Hand
das Hotel
in (preposition)
das Instrument
der Kindergarten
das Land
der Leopard
Liter (Eng: US)
die Mine
die Mode
der Motor, -en
das Motto
das Museum
das Nest
der November
die Order
der Panther
die Pause
die Person
das Piccolo (musical instrument)
der Planet
der Plural
der Profit
der Psalm
das Radio
der Ring
der Ringfinger
der Sand
der September
der Singular
der Sport
die Statue
der Synthesizer
das System, -e
das Tennis
der Tiger
der Tourist
die Vase
das Verb
der Wind
der Winter
der Wolf
das Zebra

Nouns ending in – ion (always feminine in German, with the article die):

Frustration, Information, Nation, Tradition, Region, Religion, Situation, Operation


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