Here you can find anything else somehow connected to the German language.

Contact, Information, About

Information about the site, the author and contact. Whatever is this site? Who am I at all? What do I want?Read More

Days, Months, Seasons in German

The names of the days, months and seasons can be found here in German. You will find here some other useful words too.Read More

Austrian German – “Österreichisch”

How do Austrian people use this crazy German language? Let's just look at some words and expressions.Read More

Equal words in German and in English

Here you will find a lot of words that are the same in German and in English. It might help you learn them.Read More

Country names and cities in German

What are the names of the countries in German? How are they applied in a sentence?Read More

Die Familie (The Family)

Here we can find the members of the family in German and some other words in connection with the family.Read More

Der menschliche Körper (The Human Body)

Here you will find the names of the parts of the body in German. Kopf, Arm, Hand, Fuß, and a lot more!Read More

Obstarten und Gemüse (Fruits and Vegetables)

Here you can find the names of numerous fruits and vegetables: apple, pear, cherry, cucumber, cauliflower in German, and a lot more.Read More