Noun declension – three-form determiners

DER – DIE – DAS (plural: DIE) is called a three-form determiner as it has three forms for the three genders in the singular nominative. As seen it has the following declension:

               masculine  feminine  neuter   plural

   Nominative      der      die      das       die
   Accusative      den      die      das       die
   Dative          dem      der      dem       den (+n)
   Genitive        des(+s)   der      des (+s)   der

Other three-form determiners are the following:

DIESER – DIESE, DIESES (plural: DIESE) = this, these
JENER – JENE – JENES (plural: JENE) = that, those
jeder, jede, jedes (each)
solcher, solche, solches (such, so)
mancher, manche, manches (some, many)
derselbe, dieselbe, dasselbe (the same)
derjenige, diejenige, dasjenige (that, the one who)
welcher, welche, welches (which – question word)
aller, alle, alles (all the)
beider, beide, beides (both – mostly used in the plural)
sämtlicher, sämtliche, sämtliches (full, all – mostly used in the plural)

The three-form determiners are declined in the same way as the definite article, they have the same endings in the four cases. Their plural form is the same as the feminine singular, except for the dative. For example, the declension of dieser-diese-dieses:

               masculine  feminine   neuter    plural

Nominative      dieser     diese     dieses     diese
Accusative      diesen     diese     dieses     diese
Dative          diesem     dieser    diesem     diesen (+n)
Genitive        dieses (+s) dieser    dieses (+s) dieser

Jener, jeder, solcher, mancher, etc. are declined in the same way.

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