Conjugation – der Imperativ

Imperative: Go. Come (please). Let's go. Geh! Komm! Kommen Sie! Gehen wir! Halt! Lass mich in Ruhe! Lies mal das Buch!Read More

Plural of the German Nouns

hotels, exercises, books, documents, computers - Hotels, Aufgaben, Bücher, Dokumente, Computer. So, how is the plural of the German nouns formed?Read More

Introduction to the declension of the German nouns

What happens to the nouns if they are put into a sentence? Or more exactly, what happens to the articles and things like this before them? Let's see!Read More

The Participles – Die Partizipien

Partiziples, more exactly: infinite verb forms Past participle (gemacht, gegessen, gewohnt) and present participle (schreibend, schlafend, lachend)Read More

Austrian German – “Österreichisch”

How do Austrian people use this crazy German language? Let's just look at some words and expressions.Read More

Equal words in German and in English

Here you will find a lot of words that are the same in German and in English. It might help you learn them.Read More

Noun declension – three-form determiners

Three-form determiners, such as der, die, das; or: dieser, diese, dieses; or: jener, jene, jenes - they have three different forms in the nominative. How to decline them?Read More

Noun declension – two-form determiners: ein and kein

How to decline the two-form determiners ein, eine, ein and kein, keine kein (pl. keine)?Read More

Noun declension – two-form determiners: mein, dein, and so on

How to decline the possessive articles as two-form determiners? mein-meine-mein (pl. meine); dein-deine-dein (pl. deine) and so onRead More

Declension of Proper Nouns

What to do with the German proper nouns? Do we have to decline them? If so, how?Read More