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Declension of the German Adjectives

Would you like to be really confused? German adjective declension is the best for you. Though, we try to do our best to avoid this, your endurance is also needed. Good luck! ein schönes Haus, das schöne Haus, die schönen Häuser - a nice house, the nice house, the nice houses - Why is German so crazy???Read More

Personal pronouns – nominative, accusative, dative, reflexive

Here you can have a personal appointment with the German personal pronouns: ich, du, er, sie, es... mich, dich, ihn, sie, es... mir, dir, ihm, ihr, ihm... mich, dich, sich... mir, dir, sich...Read More

Introduction to the declension of the German nouns

What happens to the nouns if they are put into a sentence? Or more exactly, what happens to the articles and things like this before them? Let's see!Read More