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Information about the site, the author and contact. Whatever is this site? Who am I at all? What do I want?Read More

Word Order in a German Sentence 1

How to create a German sentence? Where does the verb come? "Ich bin hier" and "Hier bin ich."Read More

Conjugation – der Indikativ – Present tense (das Präsens)

Here you will discover how to conjugate German verbs in the indicative present tense (ich mache, du machst...) Stem changing verbs and exceptions are also waiting for your visit! (Ich fahre, du fährst, er fährt; Ich bin, du bist, er ist...) The usage of the present tense won't hide from you either! Read More

Gender of the German Noun

The table, the lamp, the book, as we say in English. But in German: der Tisch, die Lampe, das Buch? What's this? the... the... the but der, die, das? It is terrifying, isn't it? Yes, it is terrific.Read More

Days, Months, Seasons in German

The names of the days, months and seasons can be found here in German. You will find here some other useful words too.Read More

Prepositions – The Commonest Prepositions and their Usage

Here you will find the most important information about German prepositions and the commonest prepositions with accusative, dative and genitive.Read More

Prepositions Expressing Direction and Place

Certain German prepositions express either the place where we are or the direction where we go to. How to use them with this double meaning? Let's see!Read More

Cardinal and Ordinal Numbers

Here you can discover how to say the numbers in German. Millions? Billions? Quadrillions? No problem!Read More

Declension of the German Adjectives

Would you like to be really confused? German adjective declension is the best for you. Though, we try to do our best to avoid this, your endurance is also needed. Good luck! ein schönes Haus, das schöne Haus, die schönen Häuser - a nice house, the nice house, the nice houses - Why is German so crazy???Read More

Personal pronouns – nominative, accusative, dative, reflexive

Here you can have a personal appointment with the German personal pronouns: ich, du, er, sie, es... mich, dich, ihn, sie, es... mir, dir, ihm, ihr, ihm... mich, dich, sich... mir, dir, sich...Read More